City+Arch+River: Leonor K. Sullivan Blvd Reconstruction

City of St. Louis, Missouri

Access Engineering wrote the successful grant application which became the impetus for much of the subsequent funding mechanisms that made this project possible.  Access was responsible for all roadway, bikeway, and sidewalk design, in addition to grading, drainage, ADA accessibility, signing, striping, sanitary sewer and lift station design for the project.  Access was also responsible for developing specifications and quantity tabulations. Access also analyzed potential green infrastructure treatments and provided construction administration services for the project. Access successfully faced many challenges on this project including coordination with multiple entities, utility congestion, flat roadway grades and preservation of historical features.


Grantwood Village Grant Rd Lane Addition, Resurfacing & Lighting

St. Louis County, Missouri

Access Engineering is the Prime Consultant for this project on Grant Road including access to historic Grant’s Farm entrance and the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site. Access is managing and designing improvements to this high-profile road, including resurfacing, lane addition, pavement analysis, lighting design, attraction signing, safety improvements, green infrastructure design and beautification. 

Access identified the funding sources, assisted with grant application writing, and is now providing design and construction services.  Access has led all stakeholder management and communication, including the Town of Grantwood Village, private property owners, St. Louis County, MoDOT, MSD, USACE,  MDNR, Ameren and other organizations.


Route 61 Interchange & Safety Improvements

Wentzville, missouri

This Missouri Department of Transporation cost-share project with the City of Wentzville and St. Charles County, Missouri, will provide safety improvements along 2.7 miles of U.S. Route 61 between McCoy Creek and Route A. The project will introduce a new grade separated interchange at Route P and Peine Road and median crossover improvements at three locations along Route 61.

Access was part of the roadway design team that analyzed preliminary design options to determine appropriate intersection layouts for the interchange and median crossover improvements and developed preliminary cost estimates for alternative options. Access was also responsible for the drainage design for the project. Responsibilities included delineation of drainage areas, performing hydrologic and hydraulic calculations, development of construction plans, tabulation of quantities, cost estimating, and development of job special provisions. Access was involved with the practical design workshop, which focused on review of existing conditions and traffic data to develop recommendations for improvements. Access was also responsible for public engagement activities.


Route 366 Bridge over I-44, Job No. J6S3181

St. Louis County, Missouri

Access is the Prime Consultant for the concept, preliminary and final design of the roadway on the Route 366 Bridge over I-44. The bridge will be replaced, and Access is also on the bridge design team providing drafting support services.

As the Prime Consultant for this project, Access’ responsibilities include preliminary design of roadway geometrics, traffic control / detour, drainage, signing, pavement markings and safety improvements. 


US 61 Outer Road Design Phase 1 & Phase 2/3 Concept Design

Wentzville, Missouri

The City of Wentzville entered into an agreement with St. Charles County with private participation in November 2015 to design and construct a new connection between Peine Loop Road and a segment of Granville Drive located across from Highway P, as Phase 1 of the US 61 Outer Road project.  In addition to the design and construction of the first phase, the City and County will be studying the feasibility, impacts, and costs for future phase 2 and 3 of this project.

Access was responsible for the drainage design on the first phase of the project. Needs of the interchange project were considered while designing the drainage system for the first phase of this project. Responsibilities included delineating drainage areas, performing hydrologic and hydraulic calculations, developing construction plans, tabulating quantities, cost estimating, and developing job special provisions. Access is also responsible for the concept drainage design for phase 2 and 3. Access is analyzing potential green infrastructure treatments, including rain gardens, bioswales, bioretention, porous hardscape and amended soils for this project.


Fifth Street Gateway Streetscape

St. Charles, Missouri

Access Engineering was on the project team for this roadway reconstruction effort to rebuild and enhance this gateway to Historic St. Charles, Missouri.

Access was responsible for the design of the entire drainage network along this reconstructed roadway.  Drainage design tasks included delineation of existing drainage areas, hydrologic calculations, analysis of spread along the roadway, and hydraulic analysis.  Access’ design incorporated as much existing infrastructure as possible to maximize cost savings on the project.   Access also analyzed potential green infrastructure treatments, including rain gardens, bioswales, bioretention, porous hardscape and amended soils.


I-64 Lane Additions and Overlay

St. Louis County, Missouri

This project added an 11 foot lane in each direction along I-64 from Clarkson Road (Route 340) to I-270, and associated ramp modifications for lane additions and overlay from Clarkson Road to east of Ballas Road. Access created ramp profiles, revised typical sheets and calculated quantities for the preliminary plan submittal.  Access also developed preliminary and final signing and lighting plans for the project including the design of all sign trusses.  During the final design, Access provided the design of all eight affected westbound ramps and finalized all alignments and profiles. Access provided guidance for the development of an erosion control plan for the project.  Access was responsible for the design of storm water drainage systems for the eastbound lanes and the South Outer Road.  Access was also responsible for all final quantity calculations and creating all quantity sheets to develop the project’s final cost estimate. Access was responsible for the overlay design, including determining overlay limits, laying out the I-270 and I-64 interchange alignment, providing the entire project’s new striping layout, developing pavement marking plan sheets, calculating quantities for the overlay, and preparing overlay typical sections.


Old Gravois Road Phase 2 Improvements

Fenton, Missouri

Access was on the project team providing engineering services for the roadway reconstruction of Old Gravois Road in Fenton, Missouri. Access is responsible for the design of the horizontal and vertical alignment of Old Gravois Road between Route 141 and Ferry Street in the City of Fenton.  The reconstruction of the Old Gravois Road corridor also includes ADA-Compliant sidewalk redevelopment north of the corridor.  The sidewalk is also extended to Ferry Street to connect existing pedestrian and bicycle pathways.  In addition, to roadway design, Access is responsible for the design of the drainage network along the corridor.  Goals for this project include straightening the existing Old Gravois Road alignment to be within existing right-of-way limits, design a modular block wall to drop the elevation of a portion of sidewalk to meet ADA accessibility regulations, and introducing a BMP in existing green space along the corridor.


MO Rte 8 Improvements

Desloge, Missouri

Access was on the team for this project along 1.1 mile stretch of MO Rte 8 highway, running through the downtown of the City of Desloge, Missouri from Willow Street to Fir Street. Access assisted with the preliminary plans and cost estimate for this project. The scope of the project included an overlay of the asphalt road, the addition of concrete parking to one or both sides with new concrete curbs, and new ADA compliant concrete sidewalks, driveways and curb ramps. The City is working on updating it’s open flow storm system, therefore, Access also completed the new storm system design which included approximately 5,300 lineal feet of storm pipe and just under 100 structures. 


Maupin Street Phase II Improvements

New Haven, Missouri

Access was on the project team to improve roadway infrastructure for the City of New Haven, Missouri. Maupin Avenue is a residential roadway which provides access from the main roadway through town to the Main St and riverfront district. This project developed improvement plans for just over a half mile stretch of Maupin Avenue, and Access provided drafting support services for preliminary and final design. During construciton, Access will provide concrete field inspection services.


City of St. Louis Water Division Access
Adjacent to I-170 ROW

St. Louis, Missouri

Access is the Prime Consultant for MoDOT on this project, developing an access plan and easement acquisition documents for the City of St. Louis Water Division to access their facilities between I-170 Right of Way and Francis Place north of Brentwood Boulevard. A sound wall was built along I-170, essentially eliminating the City of St. Louis Water Division’s access to their water main system. 

Access researched, coordinated project team efforts, and prepared easement acquisition documentation in order to facilitate the needs of the City of St. Louis Water Division and the Missouri Department of Transportation.


Route 77 Shoulder Widening and Overlay

Benton, Missouri to Charleston, Missouri 

Access Engineering prepared plans, estimates and specifications for improvements along Route 77 in Scott and Mississippi Counties, Missouri. Access was tasked to complete design of widened shoulders and overlays between Benton and Charleston, MO. The project includes shoulder widening of approximately 19 miles of Route 77. 

Included in the tasks were developing widening options for numerous field conditions, guardrail analysis and replacement at bridge locations and grading solutions for limited available right of way.