Private Inflow Reduction Projects

Various Locations

Access Engineering, LLC has been responsible for the private property inflow reduction field evaluations and property owner communications for many private inflow reduction projects in the Bissell, Coldwater, Missouri and Meramec service areas.  Private inflow reduction is the removal of storm water connections to the sanitary sewer, which helps to reduce the number of basement backups and overflows.  Responsibilities have included reviewing Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) studies, private property field evaluations and property owner communications.  During field evaluations the storm drains (downspouts, driveway drains, etc.) are evaluated to determine if they could be connected to the sanitary sewer.  If it is determined that a drain is connected to the sanitary sewer, a solution for the disconnection of that drain from the sanitary sewer is developed.   This work has been performed on the following projects:

Upper Jeske Park Laternal Sanitary Relief: Ferguson, MO
Dacey Branch I/I Reducstion: Dellwood & Ferguson, MO
Brightwell I/I Reduction: Florissant, MO
Grand Glaize Trunk Sanitary Relief I/I Reduction: Ballwin, MO
Lynkirk I/I Reduction: Kirkwood, MO
Newcastle I/I Reduction: Florissant, MO
Paddock Creek I/I Reduction: Florissant, MO
Bridgevale Ave & Lakeview Ave I/I Reduction: Spanish Lake, MO
Springdale I/I Reduction: Florissant, MO
Concord I/I Reduction: Concord, MO
Sugar Creek I/I Reduction: Kirkwood, MO

Preliminary Studies Map.png

preliminary studies

Inflow & Infiltration studies shown in yellow

Sanitary Relief studies shown in magenta

Access has completed two types of preliminary studies for MSD, inflow and infiltration (I/I) and sanitary relief; these studies are conducted to provide a preliminary design and cost estimate to MSD.  These studies determine whether the project will progress into design and construction phases.

Inflow and Infiltration

The purpose of the inflow and infiltration preliminary studies is to reduce the private and public inflow and infiltration of storm water entering into the existing sanitary sewer and to alleviate basement backups and overcharged sewers in the study area. Access analyzes previously completed I/I reports for a given area, performs site visits, creates exhibits for I/I area and recommends private and public rehabilitations. These studies propose to eliminate downspout, area drain and driveway drain connections to the sanitary sewers by redirecting them to either outfall into the yard or connect to a nearby storm sewer.  The area is also analyzed to see if new storm sewers would help alleviate any building backups.  Access delivers findings in a detailed exhibit, cost estimate and memorandum, which summarizes the analyses and recommends improvements.

I/I Reduction Preliminary Studies and Locations

Carson Villa I/I Reduction (Marcella Ave and Wales Ave): Citty of Bel-Nor
Thurston I/I Reduction (Church St and N Florissant Rd): City of Ferguson
Yarnell Creek West I/I Reduction (Bowles Ave and 141): southwest St .Louis County
Treasure Cove I/I Reduction (Ries Rd and Brookside Ln): City of Ballwin
Edna-Thursby I/I Reduction (Highland Ave to Big Bend Blvd): City of Kirkwood
Ed Lou Lane I/I Reduction (Brookton Way and Greenton Way): South St. Louis County


Sanitary Relief

The purpose of the sanitary relief preliminary studies is to eliminate building backups due to blocked and overcharged mains, relieve overcharged sanitary sewers and eliminate constructed sanitary sewer overflows (SSO).  This is done by analyzing the HYDRA model, CCTV of the pipes in question, and appropriate customer complaints.  Access then performs a thorough site visit to gather data. Access uses this data to determine if the project is necessary, and, if so, complete an alternate analysis. Access works with the project owner to determine which alternate is best. Access then prepares a memorandum to summarize the analyses and recommended improvements, along with a detailed exhibit and preliminary cost estimate.  The locations for the studies are as follows:

Sanitary Relief Preliminary Studies and Locations:

Lafayette Sanitary Relief (Strecker Rd to Durango Pass Ct): City of Wildwood
FF-07 Fee Fee Creek Sanitary Relief (Meadowside Dr to Willow Brook Dr) central St. Louis County
Brookshire Sanitary Relief (Brookshire Dr to Cougar Dr): north St. Louis County
Lang Royce Sanitary Relief (Fargo Dr to Floridale Ct): City of Dellwood
Marietta Sanitary Relief (Circle Dr to Florissant Rd): City of Normandy
Sub-Trunk #2 Sanitary Relief (Birmingham Ct to Cove Ln): North St. Louis County
Sub-Trunk #3 Sanitary Relief (Muriel Dr to Jenner Ln): North St. Louis County
Bissell Hills Sanitary Relief (St Cyr Rd to Leeton Ave): North St. Louis County
Upper Mattese Trunk Sanitary Relief (Theiss Rd to Liberty Trail Rd): South St. Louis County