Replacement of Pedestrian Signal at Robinwood Elementary

Florissant, Missouri

15041 Robinwood 1.png

Access is the Prime Consultant for this LPA project to replace the pedestrian signal on Derhake Road at Robinwood Elementary School in Florissant, Missouri.    Robinwood Elementary School is located in a densely populated residential area in Florissant, on Derhake Road, a popular route for motorists during normal school travel times. Many children cross Derhake Road at the existing pedestrian signal twice daily to attend elementary school.  The existing pedestrian signal endangers elementary school students and other pedestrians and cyclists traveling in the area.  Additionally, the City is paying higher energy maintenance costs on an outdated and deteriorating signal.

Access is managing and designing the replacement of this pedestrian signal, which will be compliant with MUTCD and ADA standards, and use energy and cost efficient lights. In addition, Access is designingaccessibility improvements in the surrounding area, including relocated crosswalk, ADA compliant ramps and sidewalks, and other necessary accessibility improvements to increase the safety of all students attending Robinwood Elementary School.


West Florissant Signal Interconnect/Upgrade

St. Louis, Missouri

Access Engineering provided engineering design services on this City of St. Louis Board of Public Service project.  The project consisted of 12 signalized intersections on West Florissant Avenue from Goodfellow Boulevard to Grand Boulevard in North St. Louis.  Access was responsible for analyzing the three northernmost intersections in the project area for compliance with MUTCD and ADA standards:  West Florissant Avenue with Goodfellow Boulevard, Mimika Avenue, and Riverview Boulevard (Route 367). 

Existing accessible paths, landings and ramps were analyzed for ADA compliance.  Non-ADA compliant paths, landings and ramps were redesigned to meet ADA standards.  Typical design elements included replacement of diagonal curb ramps with directional ramps, addition of detectable warnings, accessible path and landing layouts, pedestrian signal heads with countdown timers and accessible push buttons for pedestrian activation.


Route Z Traffic Signal Design & Modifications

Pevely, Missouri

Access Engineering was on the team for this traffic signal design project in Pevely, Missouri.  Access designed a new traffic signal at Route Z and Main Street to replace existing span wire signals. Access also developed plans for modifications to the traffic signal at Route Z and Route 61/67 to add pedestrian access for two legs of the intersection. All traffic engineering was designed to ADA standards.


Carrie Avenue: N Broadway to Hall Street

St. Louis, Missouri

Access Engineering provided engineering services on this Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority (LCRA) of the City of St. Louis project, which consisted of approximately 0.6 mile segment of Carrie Avenue in the north riverfront industrial area of St. Louis, Missouri. 

The project involved improvements and reconstruction to the street’s surface, sidewalks, lighting, intersections, and storm water management system.  Access was responsible for the traffic signal design and plans at the Carrie & North Broadway intersection.  The design for the traffic signal incorporated ITS communications via fiber optic for the City of St. Louis and MoDOT. Access also developed striping plans and traffic control plans for the project.


Clark Lane and Hinkson Creek Trail Signal

Columbia, Missouri

Access Engineering was on the project team for this pedestrian facility and traffic signal design project in the City of Columbia, Missouri.  Access was responsible for providing pedestrian accommodations at the existing signalized intersection of Clark Lane and Business 63. 

Components of this project included the layout of pedestrian crossing at the existing signalized intersection and modification of the existing signal to incorporate pedestrian signals at the intersection.  ADA accessibility was a priority in providing preliminary and final plans on this project.


Traffic Impact Study: Menard Inc. Industrial Facility

Sullivan, Missouri

Access Engineering prepared a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for a Menard, Inc. manufacturing and distribution facility in Sullivan, Missouri on the South Outer Road from the intersection of I-44 and Highway JJ/W.  Access was responsible for preparing a TIS based on MoDOT requirements, along with field collection of traffic counts.
The study included capacity and safety studies through the analysis of existing sight conditions, traffic count data and crash data.  The study will then determine trip generation and distribution, impact to level of service and freight movement analysis. The project also involved the evaluation of horizontal and vertical sight distance at all proposed entrances and AutoTurn analyses at the existing interchange and at all proposed entrances.  Access prepared the final report with recommended site access improvements.


Cherry Street Traffic Signal Design

Troy, Missouri

Access Engineering was on the project team for this traffic signal relocation project in the City of Troy, Missouri. Access was responsible for designing the signal modifications to the existing signal following MoDOT Standards.  The project designed street and storm sewer improvements along Cherry Street. The intersection at Cherry Street and Front Street included the addition of a westbound lane on Cherry Street and a southbound lane on Front Street. Access provided signal modifications to the existing signal to provide safe pedestrian access.


MO Route 100 Traffic Counts and Signal Optimization

St. Louis County, Missouri

Access Engineering was on the project team for this Missouri Department of Transportation project to provide traffic counts and signal optimization for 41 signalized intersections along Route 100 in St. Louis County, from McKnight to Taylor Avenue. Access was reponsible for performing 11 rounds of manual turning movement counts on signalized intersections for 12 daytime weekday hours and six peak Saturday hours. Access staff used JAMAR counting boards and software for data collection and download.


Clayton Road Sidepath & Pedestrian Enhancements

Town & Country, Missouri

Access Engineering was on the project team for this resurfacing and shared use path project in the City of Town & Country. Access was responsible for traffic engineering services for this 3.5 mile sidepath construction project.  Access provided alignment recommendation for the location study portion of the project, which considered existing traffic signals, bridges, grading and right of way limits in addition to park and school connections.

In the design phase of the project, Access developed individual safety studies and construction documents at 10 roadway crossing locations throughout the project area.  Solutions included traffic signal modifications to include pedestrian movements, Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon installations, customized signing and specialized striping solutions.  Access was able to design each crossing to address desired safety enhancements. The project also included public engagement activities including multiple presentations to the traffic committee and City Council.


Old Gravois Road Traffic Signal Design & Synchronization

Fenton, Missouri

Access Engineering was on the project team providing engineering services for this traffic signal design project in the City of Fenton, Missouri. Access designed a new traffic signal at Old Gravois Road and Old 141, and designed a synchronized system through radio communication for four City maintained traffic signals and one MoDOT maintained traffic signal.  The signals are synchronized through the master at MoDOT’s Transportation Management Center.

The project designed a new trail connecting Old Towne Plaza Park with an existing trail along the Meramec River.  A trail crossing was designed along the south side of Old Gravois Road at the existing signalized intersection of Old Highway 141 and Old Gravois Road. Access provided the accessible path layout through the signalized intersection and signal modifications to the existing signal to provide safe and appealingpedestrian access.