Existing conditions analysis on yard erosion

Existing conditions analysis on yard erosion

Stormwater Streambank Stabilization Design Contract A

St. Louis, Missouri

As the Prime Consultant on this multi-project, multi-year contract, Access performs the Program/Contract Management, Project Management, property owner communication, conceptual design lead engineering, and design leadership. These projects address moderate to high risk structural erosion, bank failures, and yard erosion along various creeks throughout St. Louis communities. 

During the Initial Assessment phase of these projects, property owner approval is required in order to proceed with the design solution. Access has an excellent history of successful communication with property owners, leading to successfully implemented design solutions. During the Design Phase of these projects, Access evaluates stabilization treatment options, performs hydraulic modeling, completes the permitting process, determines shoring requirements and protects existing sewers to remain in place.


Upper Jeske Park Lateral Sanitary Relief

Ferguson, Missouri

Access was the Prime Consultant on this project involving private inflow removal, public rehabilitation, sanitary sewer relief and stream bank stabilization components. The project consisted of the construction of approximately 2,400 feet of pipe sewer and appurtenances, rehabilitation of 20,255 feet of sewers and 98 manholes, repair of 272 service connections and the removal of I/I on private properties. The project alleviated structure overflows, overcharged mains, basement back-ups and eliminates one constructed sanitary sewer overflow.  

Sources of public inflow and infiltration were identified using an I/I study and closed circuit television. A report was provided that prioritized the pipes and manholes to be rehabilitated based on the cost per gallon of I/Iremoved from the sanitary system.  These public and private I/I sources were removed from the hydraulic model and the relief sewer was analyzed to determine the appropriate pipe size.  The relief sewer utilized tunneling, cast in place pipe (CIPP) and pipe bursting construction methods. Access identified pipes in close proximity to residences where CIPP could be used to avoid disruptions to homeowners.  Tunneling was required under Hereford Avenue and pipe bursting was utilized to replace undersized pipe beneath an existing box culvert.


OMCI-D Stormwater Design

Florissant, Missouri

Access was responsible for the design of this storm sewer project located in the City of Florissant, Missouri.  The purpose of this project was to alleviate backyard flooding of a residential property.  Access developed the plans, specifications and cost estimates for this project.  Affected property owners were contacted to gauge their interest in the project.  The preliminary alignment needed to be revised because one property owner was not in support of the project.  The design solution included an area inlet and approximately 178 lineal feet of 15 inch diameter pipe sewer. 


Natural Bridge Road - Darby to Chevrolet Combined Sewer Relief

St. Louis, Missouri

Access was the Prime Consultant on this combined sewer relief project, which included the design of approximately 1,150 feet of 54” combined sewer and 11 curb inlets. The project was located in the City of St. Louis. The purpose of this project was to alleviate overland flooding and building backups due to surcharging in the combined sewer system.

Access developed the Alignment Recommendations Technical Memorandum, which analyzed the alignment alternatives for the project. Access’ recommended alignment was approved by the owner and construction plans, specifications, and cost estimate were developed. Access also performed the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis.  The hydraulic analysis was performed with XPSWMM software. Extensive communication with Spire Energy (formerly Laclede Gas) was required because Spire has many active and abandoned facilities in the project area. The project was designed to avoid conflict with Spire’s existing facilities and their future improvements. The project design has been completed and Access will be providing construction phase services.


FF-11 Fee Fee Creek Sanitary Relief

Maryland Heights, Missouri

Access was the Prime Consultant on this sanitary sewer relief project to alleviate basement backups and overcharged sanitary sewers. This project constructed 4,130 lineal feet of 12”-18” pipe sewers and appurtenances in Maryland Heights, Missouri. The project consisted predominantly of tunneling construction methods with drop shafts up to 40-feet in diameter and up to 50-feet deep.  Access analyzed probable costs for all the project elements including tunnel drop shafts, Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) tunnel excavation, Pilot Tube Microtunneling (PTMT) and dewatering. 

The alignment crosses Interstate 270 right of way and passes through commercial properties congested with subsurface utilities.  Prioritized coordination with these commercial property owners was critical. Access also provided construction phase services for this project, including shop drawing review, coordinating construction staking, responding to questions during construction and coordinating the as-built survey.